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The Devil’s Radio by Jacob Rakovan

Devil's Radio cover image

Jacob Rakovan’s The Devil’s Radio broadcasts the elegies of so many, in a voice that lies down with them in their graves, touches their bones, and knows their stories. Cast against a backdrop of Appalachia in exile, Rakovan’s collection of poems mines the dark veins of life, love, and death.

1st Printing: Small Doggies Press 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-9848744-4-6

Small Doggies Press Trade Paperback Edition, October 2013

Edited by: Carrie Seitzinger

Cover Design by: Matty Byloos

Cover Layout by: Olivia Croom

Interior Layout by: Olivia Croom

Type set in Celestia.

90 pages.

Distribution: Small Press Distribution.

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Fall Ill Medicine Named a Finalist for Oregon Book Award

Small Doggies Press is pleased to announce that our second title, Fall Ill Medicine by Carrie Seitzinger, was today named one of five finalists in the poetry category for the 2013 Oregon Book Awards, organized by Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon. Congratulations Carrie!

Carrie Seitzinger, Fall Ill MedicineSTAFFORD/HALL AWARD FOR POETRY
Judge: Mary Jo Bang

Jean Esteve of Waldport, Off-Key (Finishing Line Press)

Toni Hanner of Eugene, Gertrude: Poems and Other Objects (Traprock Books)

Alan Peterson of Ashland, Fragile Acts (McSweeney’s)

Zachary Schomburg of Portland, Fjords Vol 1 (Black Ocean)

Carrie Seitzinger of Portland, Fall Ill Medicine (Small Doggies Press)


Learn more details here: 2013 Oregon Book Awards Finalists & Fellowship Recipients

Fall Ill Medicine Reviewed at The Portland Mercury

08/30/2012 Fall Ill Medicine by Carrie Seitzinger
reviewed by Jacob Schraer (reprinted here in its entirety)

Carrie Seitzinger, Fall Ill MedicineThe first review for Carrie Seitzinger’s book, Fall Ill Medicine. Jacob Schraer, an important member of Portland’s literary community, tackles the substance of the book for The Portland Mercury.

“FALL ILL MEDICINE, the latest collection from Carrie Seitzinger, is a slim volume of work displaying the range and seriousness of the Portland poet’s talent. Most of the poems are stories in verse with an autobiographical feel. Aside from a few detours, the book keeps a tight focus on personal upheaval.

The poems capture and unpack memories, helpless moments of trauma or sadness that haunt the narrators. In “Like a Broken Window, Held with Tape,” a perverse grandfather invades a dinner “in his bathrobe again,” “explaining his wife had a tilted womb and in order to conceive he had to enter from the rear.” A poem about an abortion is vivid, unsparing, and very good. There are also humorous asides, like in the brief gem “Fluorescent.” “If someone hits on you at the supermarket, you should feel great. Those are some very powerful lights in there.” Read More

Variations of a Brother War Reviewed at The Fiddleback

08/10/2012 Variations of a Brother War by J.A. Tyler
reviewed by David Tomaloff (reprinted here in its entirety)

Variations of a Brother WarAnother super review for J. A. Tyler. We’re finding that the book seems to be inspiring some really wonderful prose in the form of reviews that are as poetic as anything, which has been cool to see…
It seems there are many J. A. Tylers, each with hammers and chisels and methods of distillation they would call their very own. The J. A. Tyler at work between the pages of VARIATIONS OF A BROTHER WAR (Small Doggies Press, 2012) is a careful architect of elegant short sentences presented in sections of 100 words each—three sets per page, each page consisting of a triptych focused on a theme unfolding around Gideon, Miller, and Eliza. Gideon and Miller are men born of the same mother; men fighting in a War that is by no means Civil; men with hearts and hands and eyes bent on a woman called Eliza, whose affections both men will gain and lose repeatedly as their stories re/unfold.” Read More

Fall Ill Medicine by Carrie Seitzinger

Fall Ill Medicine by Carrie Seitzinger


In poems that are at times both achingly serene and beautifully complex, Carrie Seitzinger’s Fall Ill Medicine reminds us of the spaces between the moments we pay attention to, in a world gone mad. Each poem offers the reader a chance to remember, an opportunity to forget, and at the very least, a reason to consider the things that make us fragile humans. Just as the poet wonders “why it is never explained that the simplest trick for the magician to do is disappear,” so too — you will wonder again and again at the thoughts and moments that have slipped from your memory, and how much a part of you they still are.

1st Printing: Small Doggies Press 2012.

ISBN: 978-0-9848744-1-5

Small Doggies Press Trade Paperback Edition, July 2012

Edited and Published by: Matty Byloos, Maggie Foree, Maggie Wells & Small Doggies Press

Cover Design and Interior Layout by: Andrew Farris

Type set in Chaparral & Hoefler Text Black Swash

116 pages.

Distribution: Ingram. Read More