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Fall Ill Medicine by Carrie Seitzinger

Fall Ill Medicine by Carrie Seitzinger


In poems that are at times both achingly serene and beautifully complex, Carrie Seitzinger’s Fall Ill Medicine reminds us of the spaces between the moments we pay attention to, in a world gone mad. Each poem offers the reader a chance to remember, an opportunity to forget, and at the very least, a reason to consider the things that make us fragile humans. Just as the poet wonders “why it is never explained that the simplest trick for the magician to do is disappear,” so too — you will wonder again and again at the thoughts and moments that have slipped from your memory, and how much a part of you they still are.

1st Printing: Small Doggies Press 2012.

ISBN: 978-0-9848744-1-5

Small Doggies Press Trade Paperback Edition, July 2012

Edited and Published by: Matty Byloos, Maggie Foree, Maggie Wells & Small Doggies Press

Cover Design and Interior Layout by: Andrew Farris

Type set in Chaparral & Hoefler Text Black Swash

116 pages.

Distribution: Ingram.


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Fall Ill Medicine is a book of poems that brings one back to body’s story – with a brutal pull soft as moth’s wings. There is a lovestory that exists in between objects and silences and ribs. There is a lifestory that makes strength from our frailties. Carrie Seitzinger sings the body home.

Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water and Dora: A Headcase

In Carrie Seitzinger’s collection Fall Ill Medicine we are healed. Seitzinger is a doctor of the lyric moment, a humanist of narrative, and has the bedside manner any poet would be lucky to have—that is a verse filled with truth, mystery, and kinetic energy. As she writes in her poem Freefall Flight “Then I walk to the window and fall out. / And it is beautiful and I am happy.” And so we are lucky to walk into the windows of her poems, and through the fall made beautiful and happy.

Matthew Dickman, author of All-American Poem and Mayakovsky’s Revolver: Poems

Fall Ill Medicine honors its title completely. It’s a literary safe house for the ravaged heart. If these poems are ever recorded, they should only be put on vinyl.

Rachel McKibbens, author of Pink Elephant

Darkness is a comfortable carpet for all. Not everyone can find a way to yank it up from the tacks and flip the thing so that it feels like new medicine and home. Seitzinger does this with a pale grace that doesn’t wallow in sorrow, but finds a narrow ease. Welcome to an erotic super-suck that lulls the reader with the Gods of ‘ghostcolor,’ pink wedding rice and secret places. Here awaits the kinds of places that only hungry poetry will unlock.”

Derrick Brown, author of Strange Light and President of Write Bloody Publishing



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The Portland Mercury | reviewed by Jacob Schraer | 08/30/2012

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