Pink Elephant by Rachel McKibbens

Pink Elephant by Rachel McKibbensABOUT THE BOOK

The poems in Pink Elephant present an opening where the door didn’t quite latch shut, a personal view of childhood confined in a room with violence and trauma. With every new scene, either palpable or surreal, the eyes don’t dare turn away; instead they are transfixed, sometimes on the multi-faced monster, other times on the heroine: Survival. Rachel McKibbens’s debut collection of poems is offered again in this new second edition, where an interview with the author flips the light switch on and informs our understanding of this unflinchingly bold young life story.

2nd Edition: Small Doggies Press 2016.

ISBN: 978-0-9848744-5-3

Small Doggies Press Trade Paperback Second Edition, August 2016

Edited by: Carrie Seitzinger

Cover Design and Interior Layout by: Olivia Croom

Type set in Bulmer & Storyteller Excond

99 pages.

Distribution: Small Press Distribution.

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Pink Elephant is the white elephant in the room blushing into visibility, and Rachel McKibbens is a poet of unparalleled, unflinching honesty. With the tenacity of a survivor’s ‘love-sharp teeth,’ McKibbens confronts the trauma of girlhood/womanhood—‘the malicious thunder of it’—and gives the ‘inaudible song of happiness’ a palpable, perceptible shape. This book is startling testimony and it will bruise the touch of all those who dare to turn its relentless pages.”  —Rigoberto González

“McKibbens awakens and haunts with selfless honesty. The poems in this long awaited book lack the need to beckon your attention. All it takes is a sigh, and you’re hooked, swallowing the pages in one breath.”  –The Rumpus

“The birth of this volume is nothing short of a milestone in the world of poetry. All hotel room Bibles should be replaced with this book.”   –BUST

Rachel McKibbens’ debut is fierce and fearless, confronting taboos with a macabre irony and a sarcastic laugh. McKibbens has developed a unique style for wordplay, a wry sense of humor, a voice full of wide-eyed detail, and a maternal wisdom to survive the hellish landscapes of womanhood.  —Regie Cabico

I literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking about these poems. They are compellingly beautiful with a perfectly-toned sadness. If these poems don’t move you, you’re dead inside.  —Bucky Sinister


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